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Colombian green coffee is considered one of the best coffees in the world. Although the type of coffee beans, Arabica, is the same for all coffee we brew, Colombian coffee has something that the other kinds of coffee beans don’t have. The mountain hillsides of the Colombian terrain make it a great place to grow 100% pure Arabica coffee beans.

On the scale of coffee quality in the world, Colombian coffee ranks higher than any other coffee. However, the trick to getting this kind of successful product is careful growing and harvesting, and presentation.

  Importing Colombian coffee in a way that seals in this natural flavor is almost as important as the growing and harvesting of the beans themselves. Packaging and transporting Colombian coffee beans is a process that requires high levels of expertise. Although many manufacturers and plantation owners have their own system to preserve their coffee beans, the importer has to know what to pay attention to once the cargo is loaded.

Difficulties don’t end with just transportation. Inexperienced importers of Colombian coffee beans may improperly store the beans once they arrive. If the importer has not thought out their warehousing system, the coffee will be affected by the local climate conditions.


 SEDNA Coffee show a professional take on all aspects of the importing process for Colombian coffee and all major coffee types from around the world.

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